Preliminary program

FRIDAY 6 October, 2017






Opening Session

10:00Welcome addresses


Hungarian music selections from Bartók and Kodály compositions


Plenary Invited Lectures
(Chair: Télessy I.G.)


Plenary invited lecture: Genom editing in precision breeding for health benefits
Dudits, D., Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences and EMBO, (Hungary)

11.50Plenary invited lecture: EU food safety and nutrition in 2050
Bánáti, D., Executive and Scientific Director, ILSI Europe, (Belgium)

12.40Lunch time + Poster viewing 


Session 1: Bioactive Compounds in Health Prevention
Chair: Kiss, A.

Session 2: Medical Nutrition
Chair: Buttar, H.

Sesion 3: Food Supplements
Chair: Singh, R.B.


Keynote lecture: Innovative solutions for anti-aging
Juneja, L., Executive Vice President, Rohto Pharm Co.,Ltd, (Japan)

Keynote lecture: Collecting and rating the evidence: Current status and future developments 
Boeing, H. (Germany)

Keynote lecture: Beyond nutrition, the healthy probiotic food choice becomes the easy choice
Hussein, L. (Egypt)


Keynote lecture: Biological active ingredients of natural origin in functional food products
Biacs, P.A. (Hungary)

Keynote lecture: Fruits, nuts and vascular function
Hackman, M.R.(USA)

Keynote lecture: Edible birds’s nest hydrolysate as healthy food supplement
Babji, A.S. (Malaysia)


Keynote lecture: Antioxidant activity of sesame protein and protein hydrolysate
Onsaard, E. (Thailand) 

Keynote lecture: Tumor regression after intravenous administration of novel tumor-targeted nanomedicines
Dufès, C. (United Kingdom)

Keynote lecture: Production of a-L-rhamnosidse by Aspergillus flavus utilizing agro-industrial waste in solid-state fermentation: optimization by Taguchi DOE Methodology
Yadav, P. (India)


Role of Golden Sweet Potato in remedying vitamin A deficiency sustainably in U.P., India 
Sahani, A. (India)


Nutritional value and preventive role of the Hungarian paprika
Télessy, I. (Hungary) 

Gaussian Graphical Models (GGM) identified food intake networks and risk of Type 2 diabetes, CVD and Cancer in European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) – Potsdam Cohort
Iqbal, K. (Germany)

Dietary soy intake and breast cancer survival in Chinese women
Ho, SC. (Hong Kong)

15.30Coffee break


Session 4: Safety Aspects of Bioactive Compounds
Chair: Csupor, D.

Session 5: Food Processing
Chair: Hussein, L.

The Executive and General Body Meeting of ICN


Keynote lecture: Safety aspects of biologically active compounds in food supplements and novel foods
Lugasi, A. (Hungary)

Keynote lecture: Healthy food processing, suggestions for the industry
Chauhan, A. (India)


Keynote lecture: Food Safety Standards in perspective of health well-being
Singh, Meenakshi (India)

Keynote lecture: Nanotechnology in nutraceuticals 
Basavaraj K. Nanjwade (India)



Keynote lecture: Understanding diversity among plant based natural health products is essential of their appropriate use and improvement
Acharya, S. (Canada) 

Simultaneous HPLC determination of bioactive phytochemicals in tomatoes
Ráth, S. (Hungary)


Antiemetic effect of water and ethanol extracts of Trigona spp. Propolis from three provinces of Indonesia
Fikri, Al M. (Indonesia)


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18:30Departure for Welcome dinner
19:30Welcome dinner

SATURDAY 7 October, 2017






Session 6: Functional Foods
Chair: Jenuja, L.

Session 7: Public Health
Chair:  Shrivastava, R.

Session 8: Obesitology
Chair:  Boeing, H. and Rurik, I.


Keynote lecture: Development of green chili powder and its application as functional food to ensure good health and well-being
Chauhan, A. (India)

Keynote lecture: Clinically important interactions between drugs, herbal and fruit juices: mechanism of interactions and prescribing 
Buttar, H.S (Canada)

Keynote lecture: Costs of obesity in Hungary. An estimation on obesity related health care expenditures in 2013
Rurik, I. (Hungary)


Keynote lecture: Modulatory effects of selected medicinal herbs on the immune system and their potential as sources of immunomodulatory dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals
Jantan, I. (Malaysia)

Keynote lecture: Outcome of circadian restricted diet pattern of overweight and obese college going girls
Singh, Mukta (India)

Keynote lecture: Recent advances in physical activity research in relation to built environment, obesity, breast cancer, and pregnancy: The Malaysian experience
Manan, W.. (Malaysia)



Human clinical trials of functional foods in Hungary – experiences of a special CRO company
Némedi, E. (Hungary)

Dietary Intake and Quality of Life on Risk of Osteoporosis among Adults: study in Terengganu, Malaysia
Yusof, HM.  et al. (Malaysia)

The relationship between serum cortisol and vitamin C levels with obesity
Rabiei, S. (Iran)


Campaign for Hungarian “Super” Foods – an informational project for sustainable and healthy nutrition
Papp, A.I. (Hungary)

Effectiveness of nutrition and family life education among rural college going girls in order to prevent infant and maternal mortality
Gupta, K. (India)

Health status of Hungarian school-aged children – methods, how to improve it?
Henter, I. (Hungary)


Adaptogen drug in Thai Traditional Medicine for cancer and inflammation diseases
Itharat, A. (Thailand)

Relation between somatotype and dietary intakes  among government employees in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
Kamarudin, K.S. (Malaysia)

Physical Activity, Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist Circumference (WC) measurement in heigh and low walkability neighbourhoods in Malaysia: comparison and association with perceived neighbourhood environment attributes
Yi Yi Lee (Malaysia)

11.00Coffee break


Session 9: Functional Foods and Ingredients
Chair: Chauhan, A.

Session 10: Pharmaconutrition
Chair: Tamási, P.

Session 11: Medical Nutrition
Chair: Das, U.


Keynote lecture: Predicting biological activities of chemical substances using ChemGPS-NP 
Backlund, A. (Sveden)

Keynote lecture: Essential vs non-Essential nutrients - why it matters
De Meester, F. (Belgium)

Keynote lecture: Barley, beer and health: adjust your choice
Shrivastava, R.K. (India)


Keynote lecture: Beyond nutrition, the healthy probiotic food choice becomes the easy choice 
Hussein, L.(Egypt)

Keynote lecture: The role of microbiota and fiber in gastrointestinal diseases
Meier, R. (Swiss)

Keynote lecture: Role of Dietic intervention in patient of CKD with and without diabetes 
Singh, RG. (India)


Keynote lecture: Preserving a quality of Thai indigenous rice product using advanced freezing/thawing techniques
Phomkong, W. (Thailand)

Role of vitamins in malignant disorders
Singh, U. (India)

Dietary trial in hypertension and blood pressure varability
Sharma, JP (India)

12.45DiscussionDiscussionNutritional support of elderly patients in Hungarian nursing homes
Jakab, Á. (Hungary)
13.00Lunch time + Poster viewing


Session 12:  Pre- and Probiotics
Chair: Meier, R.

Session 13: Pharmacology
Chair: Boeing, H

Session 14: Chronobiology Symposium
Chair: Singh, RB


Keynote lecture: Gut microbiom and the heart
Singh RB (India)

Keynote lecture: Arachidonic acid and lipoxin A4 as endogenous anti-diabetic molecules
Das, UN. (USA)

  1. Cornelissen, G.: Chronobiology of nutrition (Video presentation)
  2. Siegelová, J.: When to exercise for better health
  3. Chauhan, A.: Variations in food energy metabolism according to time of eating
  4. Laviano, A.: Mimicking diet and time-restricted feeding in the prevention of chronic diseases

Keynote lecture: Comparative studies on enzymatic hydrolysis of distinctive carbohydrates with the aim of obtaining oligosaccharides with enhanced prebiotic features and functional food application perspectives
Kiss, A. (Hungary)

Thymoquinone mitigates ischemia reperfusion induced acute kidney injury through PPAR-γ agonism in rats
Bedi, PMS (India)

15.00The effects of symbiotic therapy on anthropometric measures, body composition and blood pressure in patients with metabolic syndrome: a triple lind RCT
Rabiei, S. (Iran)

In vitro anti-enterovirus 71 activity of Mammea siamensis flower extracts
Sukkasem, K. (Thailand)


Physiological and functional properties of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains
Tóth, B. (Hungary)

The effect of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) and diosgenin ont he endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation in a rat model of metabolic syndrome 
Szabó, K. (Hungary)


Results of large number of hydrogen breath test on lactose intolerancy and small intestinal bacterial contamination
Hamvas, J. (Hungary)

Antioxidant enzymes and micronutrients in active and passive smoking
Viroonudomphol, D. (Thailand)

16.00Coffee break


Session 15: Medical Nutrition
Chair: Laviano, A.

Session 16: Phytochemicals
Chair: Biacs, P.

Session 17:  Food Processing
Chair: Hussein, L.


Keynote lecture: Omega-3 fatty acids and inflammation: from bench to bedside 
Calder, P. (United Kingdom)

Keynote lecture: Healing acceleration and nutritional status improvement of pulmonary Tb. patients administered with Trigona propolis supplementation
Sulaeman, A. (Indonesia)

Keynote lecture: Healthy food processing, suggestions for the industry
Chauhan, A (India)

17.00Keynote lecture: Nutrition support - outcome base approach versus general recommendation
Sobotka, L (Czech Rep.)

Role of Golden Sweet Potato in remedying vitamin A deficiency sustainably in U.P., India
Sahani, A. (India)

Keynote lecture: Nanotechnology in nutraceuticals and functional food for development
Basavaraj K. Nanjwade (India)


Role of coenzyme Q10 in prevention and treatment of statin-associated myopathy
Pella, Dominik (Slovakia)

Fatty acid, phospholipid and phytosterol compositions of blood plum (Haematostaphis barteri) pulp and seed oils
Olaleke Aremu, M. (Nigeria)

Simultaneous HPLC determination of bioactive phytochemicals in tomatoes
Ráth, S. (Hungary)



Accelerate qualification of phytochemicals in oat genotypes with portable spectroscopy
Kovács, T. (Hungary)

Antiemetic effect of water and ethanol extracts of Trigona spp. Propolis from three provinces of Indonesia
Fikri, Al M.


An enhanced callus culture for in vitro production of Roseroot glycosides
Iman, M. (Hungary)

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SUNDAY 8 October, 2017






Session 18: Risk and Safety
Chair: Mannan, W.  Csupor, D.

Session 19 Dr. Zhu Shoumin award
Chair: Singh, RB and Telessy IG

Session 21: Parenteral Nutrition
Chair: Meier, R.


Keynote lecture: Transdisciplinary perspectives on food and human nutrition: thinking outside the ‘box’ towards building a food-secure future
Wilson, D. (United Kingdom)

Association of dietary factors and inflammation with risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture 
Kartikey, K. (India)

Keynote lecture: Practical aspects on home parenteral nutrition
Pietka, M. (Poland)


Keynote lecture: Quality and safety issues in the analysis of plant-based products
Csupor, D. (Hungary)

Tube infections whilst feeding into a vein
Austin, P. (UK)


Pomegranate (Punica granatum) juice [PGJ] : A  natural potential source with antibacterial, antioxidant and  anti-atherosclerotic activities in human trials
Hussein, L. et al. (Egypt)

Session 20: Dr. Leck Ozimek memorial lecture
Chair: Acharya, S.

Keynote lecture: Metabolic changes and possibilities of clinincal nutrition in critical illness
Tamási, P (Hungary) 

Functional Foods for Health promotion
Singh, R.B. (India)


Keynote lecture: ICU nutrition, past, present, future – Egyptian experience 
Elghawaby, H. (Egypt)

11.00Coffee break


Session 22: Medical Nutrition
Chair: Hussein, L.



Keynote lecture: Effect of free water in the intestinal lumen on glucose absorption
Takahashi, T. (Japan)


Keynote lecture: Review of hydration status and risk factors of dehydration among Indonesian teens and adults 
Hardinsyah, H. (Indonesia)


Keynote lecture: Do we know our friends and foes in cardiovascular prevention? 
Pella, Daniel (Slovakia)


Institutional nutritional status survey – Specificity of the nutritional therapy of neurological injured patients
Sárga, D. (Hungary)


Dieting from a mental health perspective
Bóna, E. (Hungary)

13:30Closing of session

13.30Closing ceremony